Dr. Jean-François Grenier

After having practiced medicine and studied business administration in Canada, Jean-François Grenier joined the pharmaceutical industry in 1990.

He acquired broad international experience in North America, Asia and Europe.

As his career was progressing, he developed strong general management capabilities, with expertise in Corporate Strategy, Marketing and particularly in Market Access.

In 2007, he founded PharmExpand.

In the recent years, he became a Business Angel, helping startup companies funding innovation and mentoring young managers on their path to business success.  

Skilled in managing within multi-disciplinary teams and multi-cultural environments, Jean-François Grenier is fluent in French and English.

Jean-François is based in Provence, South of France.

Short CV

Dual Academic Background & Extensive International Career
  • Medical Doctorate, M.D.
  • Graduate Diploma in Business Administration, D.A.
  • Managing Partner of PharmExpand since 2007
  • Affiliate Consultant of Eden McCallum Ltd.
  • Board Member X'PROCHEM
  • Angel Investor pharma/biotech
  • Management Center Europe: Lead Senior Associate, Pharma (2009-2012)
  • In the Schering AG Group and Bayer Healthcare (1992 - 2007)
    • Schering SAS, France: President & Chief Operating Officer
    • Leiras Oy & Schering Oy, Finland: President
    • Schering AG, Region Asia/Middle-East: Director, Marketing & Medical Affairs
    • Berlex Canada Inc, Canada: Vice President, Scientific Affairs
  • With Bristol-Myers Squibb Canada Inc from (1990 - 1992)
    • Medical Director (Squibb Diagnostics)
  • Laval University Hospital Center, Canada (1985-1990): Emergency physician and Lecturer in Emergency Medicine

From 2004 to 2008, Dr. Grenier was also Counselor to Foreign Trade, by decree of the French Prime Minister.

Born in Quebec City, Canada, Jean-François Grenier is a national of both Canada and France.