Since our inception in 2007, we have been working with numbers of BioPharma clients to help them develop skills and knowledge of their middle and top managers from various functions.

Our expertise has been particularly acknowledged in the fields of Strategy & Business Acumen, Leadership Development and Market Access, Pricing & Reimbursement.

Market Access

Our Approach & Philosophy: Developing tailor-made programs

We develop educational workshops with you.

We first listen. We ask questions. We figure out your organization and context, so that we address issues your team need to better undertand and managed.

Our facilitators are people who have “lived Pharma” by occupying leading senior international executive positions.They have gained considerable experience and expertise your industry, which is also ours!

We connect theory and practice by using case studies and current examples that come from the real pharmaceutical universe.

Our workshops are highly interactive. We believe in the value of discussions where participants can expose and talk about their experience and their real-life challenges.

Business Case

One day, we had a call...

One day, we had a call from the Global Learnig & Development ("L&D") of a top-10 pharma company. 
The company had developed a new strategy that called for a complete "transforming" of the organization. 
The problem was that, for years, R&D had been disconnected from the business. It needed to be aligned and re-connected to the new strategy.
We listened. We interviewed a few senior and middle managers, as well as some scientists of this R&D function. We understood that they had been doing great science "in their silos", and they had many such silos. Business was simply not their thing! 
The environment is changing. So what? Why bother with the new corporate strategy? 

Our solution

We proposed to develop a training program to expose those very bright but insulated people, to the new reality of pharma and the moving world around the industry. 
We started from the demographic megatrends, moved to cost-containment, technology explosion, open-innovation to patient empowerement.
We conducted a few dozens of workshops around the world.
Suddenly, managers and senior scientists started understanding why a new strategy had to be created. They agreed that the new direction was needed and the right onehad beed selected. They accepted that it was important for them to better understand business and their role to support it. They even watnted to get more familiar with financial matters of the company, which triggers so many decisions they have to consider in their day-to-day work.
We have trained close to 500 managers and senior scientists, in this huge R&D organization, in Europe, USA, Japan and China. And the company keep asking for more of such L&D programs, as they help reinforce its ever evolving strategy.
Maybe this is also something that could be of value to your organization, unless you are sure that all your people know, understand and are aligned to your company's strategy.   
Food for tought...