It's always very fashionable to be "strategic", to have a "strategic position", to manage a "strategic project".

But, what is really strategic?

What is strategy all about?  

When Marketing urges you to refresh an expensive campaing or reduce prices. When R&D wants more money to pursue the development of this so promising drug, while Finance is worried about ability to meet the announced profit target. Or when HR tells you that they are struggling to satisfy all the recruitment wishes of the organization. What do you do? What do you decide? What do you approve? What do you reject?

Well, you have to make choices. You have to set priorities. You have to stick to them. But which ones and how?

That's what Strategy Development and Strategy Execution are all about.

“Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat”

"Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory"

Because you should only fight those battles you can win

To make the right choices, you must know the environment, the rules, the competition, and of course, you must know yourself, your strengths and weaknesses, which will all set your ability to win or not.

To win or not to win, this is what will set your Vision or your far-reaching objective

Why does your organization exist?

What is the role of your organization within its ecosystem?

This will set your Mission Statement or your “raison d’être”.

Once the Vision and Mission are set, then the best path to achieve your objectives has to be determined among the variety of possibilities.

All roads bring you to Rome, but some bring you there faster and cheaper i.e. more efficiently.

Again, you’ll have to make choices, informed choices.

Then, the real work has to start. This is Strategy Execution.

“I’d rather have a first-rate execution and second-rate strategy any time than a brilliant idea and mediocre management.” Jamie Dimon, CEO, JP Morgan

Having the right programs, properly supported by the human and financial resources, facilitated by the internal systems and management policies, are the real and concrete challenges.

We call this Strategic Alignment. Without alignment, your strategy is condemned to fail and loose the war.

We can help you go through the process toward victory!

We help you find the right answers through a systematic process